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Requisition Systems Streamline Purchase Requests and Approvals


requisition system

What Is a Requisition System?

ordering via a requisition systemRequisition systems allow internal employees to request items or services which is often called a purchase requisition. The purchase request or requisition request is made to the department or group who makes the purchase through an automated system. There is often an approval process attached to the requisition which may lead to a purchase order. These systems fall into the same category as procurement software.

Requisitions are made by completing a requisition form, either paper or digital. The information gathered by the form includes all the relevant details needed by approvers to make the decision and purchasers to create a purchase order.

Common Types of Requisitions

  • Job Requisition
  • Material Requisition
  • Payment Requisition
  • Supply Requisition

Requisition System Benefits

By automating the requisition process with a workflow automation platform, businesses can realize numerous benefits.

  • Streamline and speed up the requisition process by reducing manual entry and request handling.
  • Reduce requisition errors and re-work.
  • Reduce the risk of improperly approved requisition requests, purchase orders, hires, etc.
  • Improve process compliance with request and approval audit trails.
  • Reduce purchase request cycle times
  • Provide a unified, personalized requisition experience for employees.
  • Track requisition status (completed, pending, or in-progress, etc.) in real-time
  • Reduced license overhead for enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • Identify and remove process barriers or bottlenecks.
  • Drastically reduce paperwork and associated costs and waste.

Requisition Process Example: PPE Requisition

In this example, an employee or manager wants to request PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The workflow includes a request form and an automated process that routes the form.

While this example is fairly straightforward, its form and process can be customized to work however your business needs it to work. You might add additional questions to the form to get more detail, for instance. You could route the request differently, perhaps to another layer approval or a different department. The possibilities are endless. 

Note: Integrify customers get access to pre-built process applications like this example as part of their subscription.


ppe requisition form
Personal Protection Equipment Requisition  Form Example

PPE Requisition Process
PPE Requisition System  Process

Integration with Finance Systems

Whether your business would like to pull a list of available items from an ERP system or push approved requests into an Accounting system, you can integrate these systems directly into your requisition process.

With our open API and AWS Lambda integration, Integrify provides opportunities for our customers to integrate their requisition system directly with their existing enterprise infrastructure.

Interested in Automating Your Requisition Process?

We have a variety of resources to help you on your journey to an automated requisition system. 

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